Prolapsed Third Eyelid Glands

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What is a prolapsed third eyelid gland?

The third eyelid gland is located beneath your dog's third eyelid and contributes to the tear film dogs produce to lubricate the cornea. A roundish fleshy pink mass in the corner of the eye near the nose indicates a third eyelid gland prolapse. This condition is also called 'cherry eye' in dogs.

Corneal ulcer in a cat

The necessity of treatment

Cherry eye or third eyelid gland prolapse will obstruct the normal movement of the third eyelid across the cornea. The gland frequently becomes irritated and inflamed, causing your pet to rub at their eye, leading to secondary infections.

Treatment methods

Cherry eye surgery involves suturing the prolapsed third eyelids back into place – we make a pocket in the tissue under the gland and use buried sutures to close the pocket once the gland returns to its normal position. This keeps it in place indefinitely. Removal of the gland is a faster solution that is still an option, while not our preferred method.

Cost of surgery

Cherry eye surgeries can cost up to $2,000 if referred to an eye specialist. However, at Melbourne Pet Surgery, we perform these procedures regularly, and they only take 10 to 20 minutes. We charge between $700 and $900, depending on whether you want the gland corrected or removed.

Optional pre-anaesthetic blood test available for all surgeries (additional cost)

Recovery and aftercare

Before surgery
After surgery
Lexi, Rottweiler, 1 Year old - After surgery

Swelling is to be expected due to tissue inflammation, but it will subside within a week of the procedure. We provide a soothing ointment to help your dog with the inflammation, and there is no need to remove the sutures.


Darel, French Bulldog, 6 Months old
Lexi, Rottweiler, 1 Year old
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