Affordable Prices
Affordable Prices
In-house Pathology
In-house Pathology
One Convenient Location
One Convenient Location

Pricing Guide

How we offer great prices

Business owners can choose to either make a high profit margin on a few select clients or to make a low profit margin on many clients. At Melbourne Pet Surgery, we have chosen to base our pricing policy on the low margin/high turnover philosophy. This ensures that more clients are able to afford important procedures for their pets. This has meant that we’re a very busy practice, are still profitable and can afford to pay our team well – all the while ensuring that your pets receive care they may miss out on otherwise.

We strongly believe that pets shouldn’t go without care as a result of economic reasons. Although we still need to pay our staff and other business costs, we aim to make our services affordable to ensure that as many clients as possible are able to access veterinary care. In fact, we provide services for a number of rescue groups – the more affordably we’re able to offer them care, the more pets they’ll be able to rescue.

  • Our high volume of patients allows us to charge significantly less for treatment and surgeries without sacrificing our profitability.
  • We rarely require that pets stay overnight (which also significantly reduces costs).
  • You will be able to care for your pet at home post-surgery - we’re more than happy to offer extensive care advice and are always available via phone or email.
  • Our experience ensures that your four legged friend is in safe hands; we can perform a number of complex surgeries.

Price guide

We are committed to offering more client-friendly prices than most other veterinary hospitals. In fact, our prices are often a quarter of the cost of the same procedure performed at a referral centre. Our lower price-point ensures that your pet will be able to enjoy the treatment they need and deserve. You will find a list of our most common surgeries and their starting prices below:

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Name price
Consultation From $79.50
C3 vaccine $80
C5 triennial vaccine - Adult $98
C7 triennial vaccine - Adult $108
C5 triennial puppy vaccine $122
C7 triennial puppy vaccine $134
F3 vaccine $84
F5 vaccine $88
FIV vaccine $44
RCV vaccine $105
Cat Desexing
Male $180
Young $285
Mature $315
- These prices include iv fluids and take home pain relief
Dog Desexing
0-15kg $305
15-30kg $335
30-45kg $380
45kg+ $440
0-15kg $365
15-30kg $405
30-45kg $450
45kg+ $510
- These prices include iv fluids and take home pain relief
Pocket Pet Desexing
Rabbit/Guinea Pig Desexing – Male $275
Rabbit/Guinea Pig Desexing – Female $315
Rat Desexing – Male $220
Rat Desexing – Female $275
- These prices include subcutaneous fluids and take home pain relief
Dog & Cat Microchip $38
Cat & Dog Dental
Dental grade 1-2 scale & polish $550 – $750
Dental scale & polish with minor to major extractions $850 - $1,750
Orthopaedic Surgery
Medially luxating patella $2,150 - $2,400
Anterior cruciate ligament $2,600 - $3,600
Pelvic fractures $2,500 – $5,000
Limb fractures $2,500 – $4,000
Eye Surgery
Corneal ulcers $700 - $1,000
Prolapsed third eyelid gland $700 - $900
Entropion $1,400 - $1,600
Meibomian gland tumours $700 - $1,000
Day procedure $1,350 – $1,700
After hours $2,200 – $2,600
Cancer Treatments
Skin Masses $750 - $1,750
Splenic Tumours $2,000 - $2,800
Osteosarcoma $2,000 - $3,000
Anal gland adenocarcinomas $2,000 - $2,500
Mammary gland cancer $950 - $2,000
Ear & nose cancer in white cats $950 - $1,400
Soft Tissue Surgery
Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) $1,300 - $1,500
Gastrointestinal obstructions $1,600 - $2,600
Oesophageal foreign bodies $1,600 - $2,100
Bladder stone removal $1,700 - $2,200

Payment and Finance Options

We understand that seeking veterinary care and the bills that come along with this can be stressful. Unfortunately we are unable to run accounts therefore we have the following options to assist you and your furry friend to receive the care they require


If you have Pet Insurance and your insurance provider participates with GapOnly we can process the claim and you only pay the gap payment.
View here to see participating insurers.

If you require a pre-approval prior to treatment speak to our administration team and we will organise this

On the day of treatment please advise us you will be using GapOnly and we will have everything ready to process before checking out, claims can take as little as 5 minutes up to 30 minutes if they are complex. We process the claim and you pay the gap only, making your claim with ease. Alternatively if you are wanting to make the claim yourself, you can pay the full invoice and request the itemised receipt and clinical notes and we can email those to you.


Follow the link provided to read the FAQ page with information regarding interest rate and charges.

If you are using VetPay please advise us on admission and we will ensure everything is ready for you at check out at the end of the day. Please note that a fee of 20% of the total invoice is payable on the day of treatment. The remaining amount will be allocated to VetPay.

Please note that Melbourne Pet Surgery takes on a payable fee of 4.7% of the VetPay amount

Zip Pay and Zip Money

Is an interest free – buy now pay later service with Zip Pay providing up to $1000 and Zip Money up to $5000. Follow the link provided to read the FAQ for eligibility, fees and charges.

Why you’ll love us

Our pets are part of our families, which is why we have hand-selected a team that can offer expert advice and surgeries – all at an affordable price point! Visit our veterinary hospital at Melbourne Pet Surgery and help your four legged friend feel better again.

Affordable Prices

We are strong believers that EVERY pet deserves expert care. This is why we are committed to offering great prices.

Affordable Prices

In-house Pathology

Your pet can be tested and treated in a single location thanks to our in-house pathology services, which saves you time and minimises stress levels.

Experienced Care

Experienced Care

Have peace of mind that your four legged friend is in safe hands – our team of expert veterinarians and nurses have more than 20 years experience.

In-house Pathology

One Convenient Location

MPS offers a range of general veterinary services (like desexing and vaccinations) plus more complex surgeries all under the one roof – forget expensive hospitals.

One Convenient Location
Dr. Scot Plummer

Meet Dr. Scot Plummer


Dr Plummer has always had a deep love for animals and graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours. in his Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After the success of his Brisbane clinic, Dr Plummer has launched Melbourne Pet Surgery with the goal of lowering the cost of high-quality pet care for all Melburnians.

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