Limb Fractures

Priced from $2,500 - $4,000
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What are limb fractures?

A limb fracture refers to the breaking of any bone in an animal's front or back legs or feet. They can manifest as simple breaks in the middle of the bone or more complex breaks involving multiple points in the middle or end of the bone or joint.

Diagnosis methods

When your dog is examined, swelling and instability during palpation of the limb is an indication that there has been a fracture. This is usually accompanied with severe pain.

We use x-rays to confirm this and then determine precisely what we need to be done to stabilise the fracture. We also do most of these x-rays while the pet is awake, however occasionally they will require sedation to reduce stress. 

Securing the limb

We will use a stainless-steel bone plate and screws whenever possible because this is the most secure fixation method. It is often the most technically difficult method of stabilising a broken bone, but in the vast majority of cases allows the limb to return to full function with little follow-up/further procedures.

When the position of the break (fracture) does not allow for the application of a bone plate, we must resort to other methods of stabilisation such as screws, pins, wires, or a combination of these.

Treatment options

Stainless-steel bone plate and screws provide the most secure method of fixation available – while it is often the most technically challenging method of stabilising the break, it ensures a rapid return of full function with as few follow-up checks and procedures as possible in the majority of cases.

In some cases, the location of the break or fracture precludes the use of a bone plate; in these cases, we use other stabilisation methods such as screws, pins, or wires (or a combination of all three).



At Melbourne Pet Surgery, we treat most fractures for between $2,500 and $4,000, though in very complicated cases with multiple fractures, this figure can reach $5,000. On the other hand, a referral centre will most likely charge between $5,000 and $10,000, with quotes of up to $15,000 not uncommon.

Optional pre-anaesthetic blood test available for all surgeries (additional cost)

Recovery and aftercare


The majority of animals can return home the same day they are admitted. Our nurses will walk you through the necessary care and medications. Many referral centres will keep your pet overnight after surgery, which only adds to the owner's costs. We've discovered that most owners prefer to keep their pets at home with them when their animals are well enough to go home the same day.


Your pet can often walk with you on a leash from the start, but free-roaming activities such as jumping, running, or using stairs, are not permitted for at least four to six weeks after the surgery.

The limb fracture recovery process is generally uneventful, and the more lead-walking you do after surgery, the better and shorter your recovery period will be.

We remove sutures two to four weeks after surgery; we don't usually perform an x-ray at this stage because it adds cost to the owner. Not only that, but if your pet is walking normally, the fracture will heal normally as well.


Edward, Tenterfield Terrier, 8 Year old
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