Affordable, high-quality veterinary surgery and care

Pricing Philosophy

Our experienced veterinarians perform orthopaedic surgeries and provide professional pet care.

With over two decades of experience, you can be assured that your pet is in capable hands - we go above and beyond to ensure that your best friend has a healthy, long, and happy life.

The team at Melbourne Pet Surgery have remained committed to a philosophy of providing quality veterinary treatment at an affordable price throughout our professional careers and will continue to do so to help as many beloved pets as possible.

Visit our state of the art Melbourne vet clinic and surgery, conveniently located in Dandenong.

What we do

Vet Services

At Melbourne Pet Surgery, we provide a comprehensive range of veterinary services, enabling us to care for your furry companion throughout their life. From diagnosing illnesses to performing routine check-ups, our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you!

General Practice Vaccinations Desexing Caesareans Dental Radiology Veterinary Pathology Rescue Groups Veterinary Acupuncture Behaviour Consults

Over 20 years of providing veterinary surgery, we've worked hard to earn our reputation as a trusted provider of quality pet care at an accessible price. We firmly believe that all animals, no matter how large or small, are entitled to a life free of suffering.

Orthopaedic Surgery Eye Surgery Abdominal Surgery Cancer Surgery Soft Tissue Surgery
Dr. Scot Plummer

Meet Dr. Scot Plummer


Dr Plummer has always had a deep love for animals and graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours. in his Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After the success of his Brisbane clinic, Dr Plummer has launched Melbourne Pet Surgery with the goal of lowering the cost of high-quality pet care for all Melburnians.

Why you’ll love us

Our compassionate animal-loving team know how important your pets are to you and your family. They excel in providing general and specialist surgeries and advice at a fair price. Bring your injured pet to Melbourne Pet Surgery's veterinary hospital in Dandenong so we can do everything in our power to get them back to health.

Affordable Prices

We think that every pet should get the best care possible. This is why we are committed to offering great prices.

Affordable Prices

Experienced Care

With 20' years of experience and a staff of highly skilled veterinarians and nurses, you know your pet is in safe hands.

Experienced Care

In-house Pathology

With our in-house pathology services, we can test and treat your pet in one location, saving you time and reducing stress.

In-house Pathology

One Convenient Location

Forget expensive vet hospitals; general pet care, vaccinations, de-sexing, and complex surgeries are all available under one roof at MPS.

One Convenient Location