Mammary Gland Cancers

Priced from $950 - $2,000
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What is mammary gland cancer?

Appearing as either single or multiple masses within a dog or cat’s mammary gland, these tumours can be either benign or malignant. In dogs, around half of these masses are malignant (which means that spreading is likely), and it can be as much as 90% in cats. This cancer is common in female pets that have not yet been desexed, as well as in those that were desexed after they were two years old. If a dog is desexed before their first season, their risk of developing a mammary gland tumour is less than 1%.

How is it diagnosed?

More often than not, these tumours will first appear as very firm lumps within the mammary gland tissue that feel like rocks or stones. They will usually continue to grow, eventually rupturing the skin and often leading to secondary issues (like infection).

How is it treated?

Surgery is generally recommended for treating mammary gland tumours in dogs and cats. If they present as a single or even a couple of masses within a single gland, removal of the affected gland is often all that is required. If masses are present in many glands, however, a complete mastectomy (where all glands are removed) is preferable.

If your pet is yet to be desexed, we highly recommend having this procedure performed at the same time.

Procedure cost

Removal of a single mammary gland costs around $950 - $2,000 at Melbourne Pet Surgery. A longer and/or complex procedure, like a full mastectomy, can cost more.

Optional pre-anaesthetic blood test available for all surgeries (additional cost)

Recovery and aftercare

Dakota, Samoyed 10 Years old - Before surgery
After surgery

Your pet will be able to return home on the same day as their surgery with pain relief. We will bandage the abdomen where larger areas of surgery have been performed, which can be removed in two to five days. The sutures will be removed two to three weeks later.

Dr. Scot Plummer

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Dr Plummer has always had a deep love for animals and graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours. in his Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After the success of his Brisbane clinic, Dr Plummer has launched Melbourne Pet Surgery with the goal of lowering the cost of high-quality pet care for all Melburnians.

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