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Your trusted dog desexing clinic in Melbourne

Melbourne Pet Surgery is your go-to destination for comprehensive dog desexing services. Prioritise your pet’s health and well-being while playing a vital role in reducing overpopulation.

Puppy desexing can occur from three months old; however, we usually recommend desexing puppies from six months as this reduces the risk of hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose levels) which can cause them to be sick when fasting for their surgery. If you socialise your dog or walk in public areas, desexing may help lessen aggression towards other dogs. However, desexing won't make your dog less likely to want to protect their own home and your property.

Desexing male dogs can reduce the likelihood of them developing testicular cancer later in life or having perianal adenomas, a common cancer around the anal area in dogs that aren't desexed. This procedure can also keep older dogs from developing prostatic enlargement, infections and abscesses that can be common if they aren't neutered. Desexing female dogs can prevent them from getting uterine infections as she ages (pyometra).

Having a female dog desexed by the time she's two years old will significantly reduce her chances of developing mammary gland cancer, a very common cancer in older females who haven't been desexed. Before most mammary gland cancer in dogs is detected, it often has already spread, making desexing all the more important.

The procedure

Our professional team ensures a smooth, safe canine surgical sterilisation procedure for both male and female dogs to minimise potential risks and complications. With precision and care, we help prevent unwanted litters and potential health issues.

We provide IV fluids during and after the treatment to maintain hydration levels and assist with heart and kidney function, as it may be many hours before your pet can drink again.

Additionally, we offer preoperative blood testing and in-house pathology services to confirm that your pet is healthy on the inside and to ensure their liver and kidneys are functioning normally.

Dog and puppy desexing cost

Our dog desexing clinic offers excellent rates, ensuring your pup gets the best care without breaking the bank.

You can find our current male dog desexing cost and desex female dog cost in our pricing guide here. Or phone our friendly team to discuss cheap dog desexing for pensioners.

Optional pre-anaesthetic blood test available for all surgeries (additional cost)


Post-surgery at-home aftercare for dog desexing

Post-operation care is crucial to ensure your dog heals quickly and comfortably. We provide detailed aftercare instructions tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Whether it's guidance on pain management, diet, or activity levels, our team is here to support you.

When it comes to desexing dogs, it doesn't matter if it's male or female; for the first three to four days post-surgery, they will feel some discomfort, so we recommend pain management and the use of an Elizabethan collar to prevent them licking and agitating their stiches.

Regardless of the vet desexing cost, special offers, or discounts, we provide your pets with non-steroidal and opioid pain relief injections on the day and oral pain relief medication to give at home following surgery as standard. We do not compromise on quality care for your pet.

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Dr. Scot Plummer

Meet Dr. Scot Plummer


Dr Plummer has always had a deep love for animals and graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours. in his Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After the success of his Brisbane clinic, Dr Plummer has launched Melbourne Pet Surgery with the goal of lowering the cost of high-quality pet care for all Melburnians.

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