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For professional, cheap cat desexing in Melbourne

Welcome to Melbourne Pet Surgery, your trusted cat desexing clinic for affordable and compassionate care. Our team of skilled veterinarians is committed to ensuring the well-being of your beloved feline companions.

We understand the importance of desexing cats for their health and to control overpopulation and unwanted litters. With our high-quality procedures, we aim to keep cat desexing cost low so it is affordable and accessible to all pet owners in our community.

The procedure

Cat desexing, also known as spaying (desexing female cats) and neutering (desexing male cats), is a common surgical procedure involving the removal of the reproductive organs of cats. By desexing your cat, you can prevent unwanted litters and significantly reduce the risk of certain health issues, such as certain cancers and behavioural problems.

We recommend cat and kitten desexing from 5-6 months old.

We will provide IV fluids during and after the treatment to maintain hydration levels and assist with heart and kidney function, as it may be many hours before your pet can drink again.

Additionally, we offer preoperative blood testing and in-house pathology services to confirm that your pet is healthy on the inside and to ensure their liver and kidneys are functioning normally.

Cat and kitten desexing cost

At Melbourne Pet Surgery, we understand the importance of budget-friendly options for responsible pet owners to access our services without financial strain.

You can find our current male cat desexing cost and desex female cat cost in our pricing guide here. Or phone our friendly team to discuss cheap cat desexing for pensioners.

Optional pre-anaesthetic blood test available for all surgeries (additional cost)


Post-surgery at-home aftercare for cat desexing

We care about your cat's comfort and recovery after the desexing procedure. Once the surgery is complete, we'll provide you with detailed desexing aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery at home.

This may include managing their incision site, offering a comfortable and quiet space for rest, and monitoring their behaviour and appetite. Should you have any concerns during this critical period, our team is just a phone call away.

When it comes to desexing cats, it doesn't matter if it's male or female; for the first three to four days post-surgery, they will feel some discomfort, so we recommend, and supply, take home pain management and an Elizabethan collar to prevent them licking and agitating their stiches.

Regardless of the vet desexing cost, special offers, or discounts, we provide your pets with non-steroidal and opioid pain relief injections on the day and oral pain relief medication to give at home following surgery as standard. We do not compromise on quality care for your pet.

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If you're ready to get your cat desexed or want to learn more about the procedure, book a consult with our experienced veterinarians today. Our mission is to make cat desexing a stress-free and positive experience for both you and your feline companion.


Dr. Scot Plummer

Meet Dr. Scot Plummer


Dr Plummer has always had a deep love for animals and graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours. in his Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After the success of his Brisbane clinic, Dr Plummer has launched Melbourne Pet Surgery with the goal of lowering the cost of high-quality pet care for all Melburnians.

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