Sonny – a 15 month old American Staffy with 3 Legs & Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma is a common condition in many older, larger dog breeds. It’s rare for such a cancer to occur in a dog as young as Sonny, who was affected in the proximal tibia of his right hind leg. The sad reality is that almost all dogs who are diagnosed with osteosarcoma are eventually euthanised – not due to the cancer itself spreading, but because of the pain it causes.

One solution is to remove the affected limb, as it allows your pet to live pain-free post-surgery – and it’s not an expensive procedure, either. Sonny’s leg was amputated for only $1000. Whilst this is not a small amount, it’s far more affordable than the $3000 to $4000 that a specialist centre would have charged. Most dogs who undergo amputation will live pain-free for three to six months following the surgery without the need for further treatment.

The addition of chemotherapy could allow your pet to live for an additional six to 12 months (or even longer) following their amputation. Chemotherapy doesn’t have to be expensive either – every three weeks, Sonny is currently undergoing doxorubicin chemotherapy at $265 a visit. Each session takes as little as an hour, and owners are generally able to remain present to support their four legged friend.

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